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Can I make a suggestion? Yes, PLEASE!

You asked. We listened.

Most companies don’t like a suggestion box, be here at PowerGistics we love them. Some of our greatest product features and designs have been made possible by our customers insights and feedback.

For seven years now our customers have been helping us make product advancements that benefit teachers and IT staff everyday. Our original wall mount solution was our first big idea that launched us to where we are today. Helping teachers find solutions for a seamless flow of technology in the classroom has always been our goal.

Since we manufacture our own product here in Wisconsin, we are able to develop products based off of our customers feedback without having the usual hoops to jump through. Our Research and development team and Engineers are all under one roof constantly exploring new developments together. We pride ourselves in creating the finest quality products that can stand the test of time. We know you have so many options for device storage, so if you can do yourself a favor. Check out what our customers say about our products. Here is a short video from one of our first customers. (embed Link to chet)

Device management is not a one size-fits-all solution. So we made sure to take into account as many scenarios into consideration when developing our products. For those schools who commonly find themselves running out of floor space we came up with our original vertical design that has a small footprint.

Our original design then evolved into a free standing solution after a school district in Chicago came to us with a plea for a free a standing tower. Since we own and operate our manufacturing facility we were able to meet their request. Enter…The Just-a-stand, which allowed them to have Towers in their classrooms and almost anywhere they needed them to go. Our stand helped even more tech savvy teachers join the Tower movement.

Fast forward to today when we released our Roller. We know that sometimes devices still need to be shared or needs to be moved from location to location.
Our Roller is available for our Tower8, Tower12 and Tower16 in both the regular model as well as the plus models. With its sturdy lockable gurney wheels it is able to support our towers as you transition locations. On the top of all our towers we have handy placements for your hands for any lifting or pushing you may need to do.

Who will have the next greatest idea? Probably someone who is using our product everyday! Could it be you? Feel free to reach out to us with any of your insights good or bad we would love to hear from you! Follow us on social and stay up-to-date on all our product news!

You asked. We listened.

Avon Grove Case Study

Did you know that we work closely with our customers to provide custom solutions?

Read all about it in our case study at Avon Grove. This school has embraced PowerGistics towers in classrooms at every level, as well as taking full advantage of split deployment.

Cutting deployment time in half and so many of their previous charging issues and security issues are a non issue now. Read more

How do you deploy your devices?

Still sending all your students to get devices at the same time to the same location? Sounds like a traffic jam! We know you are busy and have better things to do than deal with device deployment. That’s why we recommend split deployment. What is split deployment? By breaking up the class in half, the congestion you would have with other products is alleviated.

Save time by deploying during transition time. This allows students to come in and grab their own device and take a seat. They can get their devices in and out of our towers with little effort. All you do is unlock the tower and they grab their assigned device during transition time. The pinch point cable management eliminates the pulling and criss cross of wires that leads to cord damage and devices that are not charging.

With the average glass size of 25-30 students we know having all of that traffic and congestion can end up creating traffic jams and wrecks. A common occurrence with everyone needing to get their devices at the same time. Accidents happen, but wouldn’t you like to avoid them if you could? It leads to wasted time, damaged devices as well as frustrated students. All of which cost schools money and time wasted that could be spent learning. After all isn’t that what school is all about? Learning and broadening your students horizons. Towers allow you to focus on what you need to focus on. Teaching, not untangling cords or checking if devices are charging. Last time I checked, no one loves a traffic jam, so get a Tower and start saving time and repair costs. Check inventory with a glance, instead of walking over and unlocking and counting.

What if you could take that money allocated for replacing cords and devices and start investing it towards things that make education better?

Many of our customers reported significant decrease in screen and cord replacement. Which makes more time for teaching, learning and who doesn’t love less repair time. Accidents happen, but some are preventable by creating better flow of traffic and better access to devices.

Have you ever unlocked your devices only to find that one or more of them were not properly put away. The next day you are left with one or two students that now are not able to use them as they are not charged. Well how often does that happen over the course of 180 school days over 13 years of school. Probably more often than you care to admit, but that problem isn’t going to fix itself. That’s why we came up with our cable management system and open concept. How convenient would it be to be able to glance across the room and see that the devices are accounted for AND plugged in! Well, that was the exact thought behind our open door design.

Our Towers are 100 percent student managed. Teachers unlock the Tower and they take care of the rest. By having a Tower you can now “set it and forget it” as the old infomercial says. No more untangling cords and wasting time reorganizing devices that are plugged in to the wrong cords.

Now if we could only get a drone to deliver them to you with one click ;).

Until then visit us online and request a video demo if you want to see it in action! We would love to hear from you!

That tangled mess of cords is never going anywhere unless you have a cable management system like PowerGistics Towers. Our free standing and mobile solutions can secure and charge any device from Chromebooks to

I have yet to meet a person who loves paying to replace screens and cords.